Welcome to AUSMP! Australian Gaming Guild

Welcome to AusMultiplayer, or AUSMP for short -

We are an oceanic guild that plays between the times of 5pm till 12am AEST (+10GMT) which mainly consist of mature gamers (age 18+).

At present Wildstar is our primary focus with an emphasis on raids and dungeons.

To apply for the guild, click here

To stay up to date with guild events and to keep in contact with other guild members, we ask that you join our Facebook group.   This will be our ‘official’ guild roster.  This allows us to keep a headcount and place where all things gaming can be discussed.

Our goal is to provide a guild where players can have fun and participate in the weekly guild events that we will in the form of raids, dungeons, casual PvP or just some help while levelling.


Faction : Dominion

Realm : Widow

Focus : PvX (PvE and PvP)

We will be conducting weekly raids / dungeons / PvP events!

Our guild is focused on being a strong force when it comes to being the best when it comes to raiding / dungeons and pvp – simply, we want to be more than good, we want to be among the best. It doesn’t matter if you are the best though because at AUSMP, you’ll find a strong  support network of skilled MMO players willing to help you achieve your goals – whether it be levelling to end game content, or clearing that dungeon, AUSMP players are here to see you through to the end.

Please contact @kruezritter to be included on the Wildstar guild roster in game. However it is strongly recommended that you join the Facebook group.

All guild members must be on Mumble for guild events – even if you don’t have a microphone but to listen in on what is going on.

Other Games


If you are looking for a challenge why not try some fast paced CS:GO?

Hop on our Mumble channel after 7pm most nights to play some competitive CS!

Talk to either Krymaw or MrPopo to get in on some games!

Dota 2

We have some very committed Dota 2 players who are always looking for some

more people to play with. Contact NyanOnHeat in the Steam Group for more information.