Welcome to AUSMP! Australian Gaming Community


Welcome to AusMultiplayer, or AUSMP for short

We are an Australian oceanic gaming community that plays between the times of 5pm till 12am AEST (+10GMT) which mainly consist of mature gamers (age 18+).

To stay up to date with guild events and to keep in contact with other guild members, we ask that you join our Facebook group.   This will be our ‘official’ guild roster.  This allows us to keep a headcount and place where all things gaming can be discussed.


So, what do we play?

Pretty much anything and everything. From hosting casual RTS tournaments
to looking to someone to party up in WoW, AUSMP pretty much covers it all.

If there is a new game out, you can guarantee we’ll be playing it and talking
about it in our Discord channel.

Examples of some of our most commonly played games are

– Counter-Strike Global Offensive

– World of Warcraft (Alliance)

– Diablo 3

– Hearthstone

– Age of Empires 2

– Company of Heroes

We are always looking for people to play competitive CS:GO with!

Hop on our Discord channel after 7pm most nights to play some competitive CS,
it doesn’t matter on your skill level we are happy to play with people regardless
of experience.

Talk to either Krymaw or Angusrch to get in on some games!

What about a bit of Minecraft?

Occasionally the community will host a Minecraft server with a varying degree of mods.

World of Warcraft

We have a few players that enjoy World of Warcraft who main Alliance characters and are fairly well experienced in PvE and enjoy getting together with new players to run dungeons, achievement hunt and various other PvE scenarios. PvP players are also welcomed.

Heroic Archimonde groups may be formed each Wednesday at 7pm AEST

Talk to Tehz, Aig or Kruezritter if you wish to form part of this group.

Dota 2

We have some very committed Dota 2 players who are always looking for some more people to play with. Contact NyanOnHeat or Friend in the Steam Group for more information.

Anyone looking for competitive or casual is welcome.